20180601 GMO Detective Workshop 01

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Everything we eat, everyone we love, sickness and health, the entire living world is written in DNA. Few today understand, but many fear, this new power that is quickly maturing.

Organised by Gianpaolo Rando

  • Main language this week: English
  • On parle français, parliamo italiano, falamos portugues
  • Theme: GMO Detective Workshop
  • Date: Friday 01.06.2018, afternoon, presentation and discussion start at 19:30
  • Location: Room "P1", Hackuarium, 2nd Floor

Guy Aidelberg from CRI Paris will join our P1 lab and show the participants how to DNA test if there are GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in their food.

Bring your food for the test, we bring the pipets and the safety rules.

While pipetting, we will discuss together about food, DNA, foodtech, GMOs, and participatory science.

GMO Detective is a low cost and open Citizen Science project for detection of transgenic elements in food and plants. https://gmodetective.com/

RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/hackuarium/events/250778421/

Discussing first principles with a beer on the terrasse
Doing the real forensic analysis with DNA