20190821 Board Meeting

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Board Meeting Agenda
August 21, 2019
Place: Hackuarium, Route de Crochy 20, CH-1024 Écublens, VD



  • Rachel



  • Anne-Laure (has a cold)
  • ?Vanessa (in South Africa again still?)

Welcome (Rachel, 1 min)

  • Public minutes

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below).

Point 1: Website updates

Yann (10min) Update on last meetings decisions/results:

in Slack, saw Jana will be helping with webtools! yay!

  • ?Yann a envoié quelques tâches issues de Website à Olivier
  • ? progrès - ils mettent tous les 2 en ligne la page temporaire à jour avant le 31 août

Point 2: Finance

see last meeting's notes (points 1 and 3)

  • Factures to members from Masoud?
  • payment program etc...
  • tax free status?
  • grant writing?

- volunteers to take the lead and/or help??

Point 3: Events

Special Event around Manon's exhibition for Lausanne Jardins, samedi 14h

Futur âge de pierre - perspectives de la biofabrication Eglise Saint-François Rencontre

Numerik Games, Neuchâtel, 30 août - 1er sept.

  • stand for weekend, confirmed by Rachel to Marc and others, no ateliers
  • volunteers to help?? (maybe only Saturday presence, if no-one else can make it, but it looks like a lot of fun!)

SciComm2019, Bienne 19-20sep

Rachel to talk about participative 'citizen sci' research, as a 'Speed Talk' 20 septembre (entre 11.00 et 12.30 heures) organised by the Stiftung Science et Cité theme 'I trust science, but...'

OpenFoodRepo DNA - workshop postponed, but Olivier is working on the data! yay!

  • possible dates for next workshop for around Oct/November... maybe 2 November
  • who is interested to participate?
  • to help?
  • an #OH presentation is proposed also, before the actual workshop event, but maybe a Monday or Tuesday, not Weds (? Olivier)

5 year party, 5 oct

see last meeting's notes

  • volunteer for 'chef/fe de projet' ?
  • budget (shalf?)
  • T-shirt making (also see point 5 from last meeting)
  • coffee cups?
  • invites - event already announced in fb

Fête de la science, Ferney Voltaire, 12 oct.

Fête de la science 2019

  • Rachel & Shalf plan to participate
  • others?

UN event, citizen sci, 11 dec

[Citizen Science]

  • Rachel & Shalf plan to participate
  • others?

Point 4: Presences sociaux - Twitter etc

  • volunteers to make more posts?
  • Manon already offered to do the next newsletter - content needed!

Point 5: Lab projects

Rachel (5min)
updates on latest, from swarming bacteria to slime molds, and possibly via dentifrice efficacy (visitor expected today)!

  • anyone else keen to help with the OpenFlexure scope and comets (cellules buccaux)?
  • dreaming of a stagiaire? (we can advertise for your project!)
  • more plans??
  • minigrants?

Point N


  • Next board meeting