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It's time to Celebrate 5 years of Biohacking at Hackuarium!

(exact actual bday, when the founding assembly general meeting happened, was 13/8/2014. So, we are already 5 years into this adventure!)

The big party will be 5 october in Ecublens!

The plan is for a full day and night of fun:

  • 10:00 Festivities begin
  • 10:30 BeeMoS workshop (see 1, below)
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 13-17 GMO Detective workshop with Guy Aidelberg (including soldering the DIY detector) (see 2, below)
  • 18h fondue and birthday cake
  • 19h more Hackuarium demos and fun (Spectro, OpenFlexure, MossMenageries, and more!)
  • 20h music and fun

To note, there are limited places for these workshops, please sign up at your soonest convenience!
1) Here is the link to get tickets for the BeeMoS workshop.
2) Here is the form where you can sign up for the GMO Detective.

Here is more info about the Hackuarium BeeMoS project, which your participation in the workshop (honey will also be for sale!) will help support!

Join us for a great day in Ecublens and party right into the night!