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This is the page where we list all Hackuarium's Biology Protocols (BioP)

How to find information

The information is stored in three different categories:

  • General manipulations (ex: Designing a plasmid, Growing a culture)
  • Material & Ingredients (ex: Growth medium, Competent cells)
  • Processes (ex: PCR, Transfection)
  • The information under each category is ordered alphabetically and possibly with an illustration
    All procedures concerning genetic modifications are part of the standardized P1 procedures. The lab is organized around these protocols.

    General manipulations

    Material & Ingredients


  • Ni-NTA Agarose regeneration
  • Miniprep Spin columns cleaning
  • Processes

  • Gel Purification: Gel Purification
  • Genomic DNA Removal (GDR): GDR
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR): PCR