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=== Create an account ===
=== Create an account ===
* It's easy to [[http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin/signup create an account]]
* It's easy to [http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin/signup create an account]
* Become a ''Trusted'' User: <!--- Ask an admin / @Sam --->
* Become a ''Trusted'' User: Ask an admin e.g. [[User:Sam|Sam]] or [[User:Shalf|Shalf]]. Best reaction time if you are already an [[Hackuarium]] member = mention on [[Slack]], chan [https://hackuarium.slack.com/messages/wg-onlinetools #wg-onlinetools]
=== Create a page ===
=== Create a page ===

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Wiki for dummies

You're joining Hackuarium and are also new to wikis, you may find this useful to start.

Create an account

Create a page

  1. Search your title keyword (upper right) on wiki.hackuarium.ch, to make sure the page doesn't exist yet. ! Case sensitive
  2. Create according to the suggestion
  3. Make sure to create a link to that page on another page! Typically, list your new active project in the section Projects

Syntax from Wikimedia

Different on our wiki

Some things don't work exactly like the instructions from wikipedia above.

Uploading an image or media

  1. Uploading a file = creating a special page for it here: http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/index.php?title=Special:Upload
  2. On your page, create an internal link with the usual syntax. Example of code: [[File:File-name.extension|thumb|left|Legend in the box]]

Special rules and pages at wiki.Hackuarium


The structure should be found one day around http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/index.php?title=Mode_d%27emploi In the mean time, please see Category:Manual

EN vs FR versions


Slack channel: #wg-doc
For troubleshooting only: #wg-onlinetools