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5. August

Present: Gianpaolo and Sam

Actionable items


  • Flyer: see flyer.pdf
  • meetup.com/hackuarium (review Gianpaolo, then announce)
  • KPI: grafana

4. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

Actionable items:

  • Stickers (Gianpaolo orders today) (Ordered here 100 stickers 30 CHF, expected delivery August 26th)
  • Explainer Flyer (Sam will start today)
  • Wall: People & Projects (Gianpaolo wants to start today)
  • OpenHackuarium on https://www.meetup.com/ (Sam will create a page today)
  • Definition of key performance indicators (Sam will have look)


  • Signage Downstairs
  • ("Fridge for Consumables")
  • Newsletter à la Hub: Events, stories & co (see #collection_bin)
  • Posting stats on Slack "we've passed 30k"
  • Start looking for Operations Assistant for Hackuarium (not remunerated). Inspiration: SICTIC and XOBAEDI job announcements.
  • Inviting all people that we can (recurring as well as new) for tours etc.