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Daily 40 min challenge. Format:

  • minutes 0'-20': brainstorm actionable items that can be done in 20 minutes by one person.
  • minutes 21'-40': execute one actionable item.

23. August


22. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

  • Lab activity: Caffeine extraction (NileRed on youtube)
  • "open ndrop" in progress: light source and spectro is good, missing are fibres

19. August

Present: Sam

  • How can we invite EPFL members? vg

18. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam, Luc (exended during the Board Meeting http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/w/20160818_Board_meeting)

Actionable Items:

  • Board: Gianpaolo to share social media strategy.
  • Board: Define the medium for a list of open hardware projects.
  • Board: Gianpaolo to communicate with Yann about P1 inauguration.
  • Board: Luc email to Germany for DNA, when done, Gianpaolo activates Rachel & Roger.
  • Board: list of DNA things for Mike Horn (Gianpaolo, Luc).
  • Board: put the "petite epicerie" catalog on the wiki.
  • Board: create checklist of actions to do to advertise UC/Hackuarium events.
    • FB
    • tweet
    • meetup
    • A4 on the MC wall
    • post on MC private FB (Gianpaolo)
    • post on Hackuarium Slack
    • post on Fixme Slack
    • reimbursement google form

17. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

Actionable items:

  • DONE book MC conference room for our board meeting
  • DONE find new invitees for next openhackuariums
  • What Hackuarium project can we bring at MakerFaire Zurich?

16. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

Actionable items:

15. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

Actionable items:

  • DONE stick stickers
  • study customers opinion
  • DONE sell the ticket for workshop
  • board meeting topic: how to become member?
  • targets for p1:
    • pre-seed startups -> MC
    • iGEM teams -> Swiss universities
    • biohacking academy -> Waag
  • how to operate
  • smallinvoice

12. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

Actionable items:

  • DONE Get "buy now" links for:

11. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

Actionable items:

  • Define the job profile of the operations manager
  • DONE Add Løding to meetup Openhackuarium and tell Yann to put on FB
  • Find out how to get free fridge from dechetterie: contacts here
  • Update meetup with OH for dummies
  • Where to get new projects for hackuarium? Offer them P1,makerspace,fridge... -> la grange, hub, other hacker/makerspaces...
 * Impact Hub ZH
 * EPFL innovation park
 * Blue Lion ZH
 * Technopark ZH
 * Aarau (Aargau Services)
 * Startup weekend (3-6months space to incubate project)
 * Epfl
 * Unil 
 * Imd
 * Heig.vd
 * Ecal
 * Ehl
 * Chuv
 * Sib
 * Isrec
 * Ludwig
  • DONE Photo Wall (google form + word template A5)
 * Prenom
 * Nom
 * Coords (facebook, twitter, www)
 * Keywords

8. August

Present: Gianpaolo

Actionable items

5. August

Present: Gianpaolo and Sam

Actionable items

  • DONE Order rectangular stickers with left/right/top arrow for signage downstairs
  • DONE Put on meetup next openhackuarium nights (Sam)
  • Define minimum list for the fridge
  • DONE Gianpaolo to invite some startup from MC to OpenHackuarium 110 list on Trello


  • Flyer: see flyer.pdf
  • meetup.com/hackuarium (review Gianpaolo, then announce)
  • KPI: grafana

4. August

Present: Gianpaolo, Sam

Actionable items:

  • DONE Stickers (Gianpaolo orders today) (Ordered here 100 stickers 30 CHF, expected delivery August 26th)
  • Explainer Flyer (Sam will start today)
  • DONE Wall: People & Projects (Gianpaolo wants to start today)
  • DONE OpenHackuarium on https://www.meetup.com/ (Sam will create a page today)
  • DONE Definition of key performance indicators (Sam will have look)


  • Newsletter à la Hub: Events, stories & co (see #collection_bin)
  • Posting stats on Slack "we've passed 30k"
  • Start looking for Operations Assistant for Hackuarium (not remunerated). Inspiration: SICTIC and XOBAEDI job announcements.
  • Inviting all people that we can (recurring as well as new) for tours (like we did for Patchwork) etc.