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Sonicators or sonication baths are used to dissolve chemicals in solutions or to lyse cells (amongst other things) by means of ultrasound. The bath is mostly used to dissolve chemicals while the rod type, more powerful is used to lyse cells.

The sonication rod we have is a long term loan from our dear friend Xavier Alexandre. So please be extra careful when using it!

The sonication bath

The bath is mostly used to dissolve chemicals. Temperature can be set to help dissolution. This bath has only a single sonication power.

Sonication Bath


A) On/Off button
B) Sonication timer
C) Temperature setup
D) Bath


1) Never sonicate empty. You can use normal tap water but nothing else than water.
2) Once done, empty it, wash it and put it back into place.
3) Don't set water temperature above 100°C. If warming up higher than 60°C put a notice, warn people around you and don't leave it unattended.
4) Take care of electrical plugs around as well.

The sonication rod

The sonication rod is more powerful and can destroy cells much more easily. It can be rather noisy and can in some case hurt people's hears Due to its power it can generate some heat and in the case of cell lysis, they should be held in ice during manipulation

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