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Hackuarium logo15.png

Our logo has been designed by our dear friend and fellow member Xavier Diverres, in the early days of Hackuarium. It is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Switzerland (CC BY 3.0 CH) license. Please share freely but accordingly.

Not fancying himself as a graphic designer (he prefers interactions and interfaces), Xavier made a pretty good job nonetheless!
(.eps and .zip versions are coming at some point)


We wanted a water-based animal to play with the words Hackuarium / Aquarium, the octopus was chosen because he can grabs many things, the octopus is also an animal with a distributed brain: each tentacle has an independent brain, still the octopus acts as a single organism. This represents well the spirit of our community.


We first started investigating the idea of a logo and proposed it on networks at the beginning of the space:

To look at the history it happend like this:

Shalf posted on our Facebook page: "To make it serious we'll need a logo"

Yann Pierson thought:
"What did the others do? If we want to be "hackers" we'll need to reach out, reach out far and a lot! What animal could be the best? An octopus: and came up with this research that showed the orientation for the "water based animals" maybe a medusa ? Then he designed the big black octopus picture you can find in this early hackpad but as the others correctly said: "It's way too complicated" =)

Robin posted on Faceboook again the collaborative work made over one Open Hackuarium

So Xavier did his magic and came with the final result! It was first presented to the world here again (you guessed the medium).


Base4, downloadable here at Dafont [1]