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  • With the upcoming of MassChallenge and the building's renovation, the lab has been turned into a mess. Therefore, we have to give it a good cleaning and update the wiki, refit some of the lab's setup and start apply some new good habits (commonly called rules). For this we expect of course everybody's support and help. It's always a good way to gain some well earned meritocracy respect.
  • Furthermore we receive confirmation of our material request from our benefactors and will have to organize the transport.
  • Both events are independent and can be organized at any time

WipeOut I

Date & Schedule



  • Raffael
  • Luc H
  • Gianpaolo
  • Rachel
  • Roger
  • Luc P
  • Oceanne
  • Florian
  • Gustavo
  • Vanessa
  • Daniel
  • Pamela
  • Yann



  • Brooming and moping lab and meetup
  • Cleaning all shared zone:
Removing the dust
Cleaning instruments
Making new instruments protections if needed (microscopes)
Cleaning lab equipment
De-freezing the freezer
  • Throwing (yeah I love throwing)
Throwing away all the things that are unnamed AND/OR undated in the common zones.
Throwing away the trash bags
Throwing away things that have been repetitively asked to be taken away.
If it stinks badly it goes to the trash

Refitting the lab

  • Sorting the glassware
  • Putting the shared instruments in their respective spot
  • Reorganizing the multi-plugs, taping the things that should not be unplugged together (adding a tag to them)
  • Putting back into place the elements that have been moved to do the renovations
  • Displacing the stored material that has to be kept in the new storage zone
  • Moving to the P1 zone all that will be used there
  • Making space for the wall mounting

Wiki update

  • Update french to English versions (and vice-versa)
  • Update/make guides for new equipment
  • Make pictures and descriptives of what the cupboards contain
  • Update and setup new member presentation system:
Update People and ask members to do a bio on a regular basis when becoming members
Make a bio template ?
Update Life_Main and translate it
  • In Life_Main, describe how when a person becomes a member, he doesn't become a lab user but part of the ecosystem.
  • Complete "Tools and Equipment" it looks crappy to me -- I just removed it, will update the whole instrument part in a more comprehensive way
Therefore, update Instru_Main, we have several new instruments, we have nicely organized cupboards, we have to picture the content and describe it.
Set up a new user safety sheet that every P1 user will have to sign, similar to made@
  • Update Media and press, I think we, or at least, UC was cited several times recently.

Website Update

  • Ensure English to French translation for the projects are made (it seems it was a problem for some pages)
  • Add new projects being carried on

The new good habits

  • No more bikes in the lab (don't care about the meetup space, don't care about the green zone but downstairs is the good reflex)
  • No luggage or big backpacks hanging around in the lab. We have lockers now.
  • Experimental material without labels or/and names and/or dates will be thrown away without notice
  • I still have to find a clever way for the uncleaned glassware

Final Note aka where the BBQ is announced

  • Cleaning is of course a tedious task but remember that its everybody's job to do it. The more people are doing it the fastest it's done and the cooler it gets. People in the community gain respect and recognition through those moments for they are part of the community as a whole! Keeping a lab clean lowers the risks of injuries and ensures everybody can work in the best conditions.
  • The cleaning day will be followed by a chill at the lake + BBQ if the weather permits. Otherwise we'll go get a pizza or a beer =) People should take their own food and drinks family and friends are of course welcome! Details on the event will be given on the fly.

Gorilla Warfare


Op Gorilla Warfare II (OGW2) will allow us to put our hands on some technically more advanced material and équipement for the P1 lab. OGW2 will be focused on a single collection point but the material will be divided in several places. I ask the members to be flexible and as available as possible for this operation.

Who's involved

Hackuarium, LIP-EPFL, UC.

Phase 1: Recon

The material offered this time is described in the following document and will be shared according to what's written: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BQAPrON6TtM5t0TpSTbule5gUQzRi7O9fxFNPBArNNA/edit#gid=1608433529

Phase 2: Material picking & sharing

--- TO BE DONE ---
Once picked up the material will be sorted and what doesn't stay in Hackuarium will be delivered to LIP
Date to be decided soon
Massive pickup will be done during 1 day.
Will be needed:

  • 1 driver
  • 1 Van (the biggest)
  • 2 helpers
  • Planning
    Expected volume (looking larger):
    There is a lot of small items that can be placed around the palettes but would otherwise cover 4 palettes
    2 palettes for the incubators (could be placed on top of each other if fastened)
    1 palette for the HPLC
    equivalent of 3 palettes for the cupboards and sterile hood
    Total: 10 palettes

    Renting the 22m3 utilitarian van (400*200*230 - l*w*h) using cff palettes 80 * 120 we can put inside: 4 palettes + lots of space for the rest
    This means 2 to 3 back and forth
    time(Hackuarium - site) = 25min (in a google perfect world)
    time(1*back-forth) = 1h
    time (un)load = 20 to 30 min
    time tot = 2*t(b-f) + 2*t(ul) + 2*t(l) = 3.5h

    The utilitarian truc rented is 260.-, at Patrick Location

    - we need either people on spot to help unload and put up (so we don't loose time bringing all up)

    - Meeting at Patrick Location Bussigny

    Route de Renens 1A, 1030 Bussigny

    Pickup locations

    Nestec (Nestle)
    Route du Jorat 57, 1000 Lausanne 26

    Coordination: Yann P
    Drivers (needed 1): Marc V.
    Drivers backup (needed 1):
    Helpers (needed 2):
    Helpers backup (needed 2):
    On site (needed 1 to 2):

    Phase 3: Organizing, Sharing, Setting Up

    --- TO BE DONE ---
    This phase will be done just after phase 2. Once the material is collected, and temporarily stored. It will have to be definitely stored and put into place. This will also be done alternatively with WipeOut I That part will need a lot of people for carrying, lifting, setting up the furniture since several zones in the lab will be reorganized. The storage zone and the P1 zone will be reorganized. The more we are during this day the better.