Openhackuarium vol. 83

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#OpenHackuarium no. 83

  • Main language this week: English
  • Date : Wed., Feb. 3rd, 2016. Doors opening 7pm, presentations at 7.30pm

Presentations Winterschool

The BRAAVOO Workshop and Creative Design Course visits hackuarium - come meet and mingle with a transdisciplinary group of participants mid-way through a week-long workshop on bioreporters and DIY fluorescence measurement devices taking place at UNIL.

More information here.

“E-Zetoon- the social network of the educational connected trees” based on high-tech [cloud]

Sara Benmohammed will present E-Zetoon

A short description by her:

-The E-Zetoon project was thought by Mehdi Karim who is the responsible of Makerium in Casablanca. Makerium is a platform powered by a large group of technologist that increases knowledge, sharing and adoption of what works to generalize technology. Makerium was financed by the American ambassy. It already has projects in collaboration with the American ambassy and pharmaceutical laboratories.

-The idea is to use a database (example: MySQL, ...) stored in the cloud open source (example: openstack, …easy access to the data and storage). The database would be filled and then updated automatically by data (temperature, Azote, Oxygene, sun, localisation, ...) coming from sensors (low cost) with the help of an algorithm.

Circadian Life : A Smartphone App to study our daily activity

Since the dawn of time, the earth rotation on its axis and around the sun imposes to all living creatures daily changes and seasonal variations. These changes imply light-dark cycles, temperatures changes, and food availability or predators presence. In an evolutionary scale, all living creatures needed to anticipate those changes in order to develop an efficient survival strategy. In humans our internal clock control several behaviors, such as sleep-wake cycle, food intake, hormonal cycle, and immunity. Thus, it’s essential to understand our rhythm on a daily basis for increasing our ability to live in a healthy state. Nowadays, the field of chronobiology is evolving, and its latest developments are important in chrono-therapy (when should one take a specific drug to fight a disease more efficiently) and chrono-nutrition (when should one eat to stay in a healthy state).

The goal of this smartphone app is to record our activity through the phone sensors as accelerometer, light and GPS in an automatized manner. The personal data will be accessible to each user, in order to understand their own rhythm and anonymized for population scale analysis. In addition we, provide some thematic survey in order to know the age, sex, height, and weight of each user, and other relevant information for our statistical analysis. We will develop and include other functionalities in the future such as compatibility with wearables and other surveys about emotions, or food intake.

Link to App prototype (for android only): Circadian Life