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Working on the Crowdfunding Strategy for Hackuarium!!
Looking forward for a successful campaign!

Agenda of Crowdfunding 1 Meeting

Date: Wednesday, July 26th, 18.30-19.30pm
Place: 2nd floor meeting room 'bibliotech'



  • Rachel


  • Joël
  • Olivier
  • Luc H
  • Sam
  • Rachel


  • Yann Pierson
  • Anne-Laure
  • Gianpaolo
  • Vanessa
  • Yann Heurtaux
  • Daniel

Crowdfunding Planning

@Hello Crowdfunding Working Group

(Rachel, 1 min)

Point 0: Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all crowdfunding working group members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)


Point 1: Spin for Campaign?

Taking Hackuarium to the next level? Helping projects move forward? or?

c'était un peu le fin de la discussion du jeudi 6 juillet.
Pour plus d'information, voir ici

We started out explaining to Sam more background for the campaign and from the last meeting. 6 teams 2 workshops each, starting from beginning of 2018.

Olivier has the list of the first proposals.

Sam asks if we should mention the science booster matching funds or not... Luc told us about a kid who now has 11k for a trip to US (research related)...

Point 2: Crowdfunding campaign practical details

(Rachel, 15 min)

WeMakeIt Science Booster Campaign

Now - 15 August: Collect, write and upload story (COM), perks (RWD), short pitch (RWD), Budget (WG) on wiki.
15 August - 30 August: Build campaign (WG) on wemakeit.com website.
15 September - 15 October: Run campaign (WG+COM).

Launch planned for the 15 September 2017

Content coordination: Rachel
Communication: Joël
Rewards: Olivier

Contribution Ideas so far obtained from:

Olivier: Bee products and fun

Anne-Laure/ Rachel: T-shirts Hackuarium

Gustavo: SpectroPointer Workshop

Yann P: Molecular Biology Workshop

Rachel: Foldscope/cheek cells/moss life Workshop

Luc P: Spectrophotometer Workshop

Dan: Metabolic Modeling Crash Course

Luc H: A bio-music concert by Living Instruments

Will need good brief descriptions (one short paragraph) of projects to make sure people want to support us!
Luc will make an example for everyone based around the Living Instruments project...

To note: we need some expensive rewards, to provide the opportunity for someone who wants to give big!

Preliminary list from lowest to highest:

thank you note and sticker for donation of 10chf
the above plus Tshirt or Tote bag for 30chf
participation in a simple workshop 75chf / 150chf for two people
participation in a complicated workshop 300chf
fully-sponsored minigrant to a certain project 500chf
participation in a workshop party for you and your 10 friends - 1500chf
Sam says: we could think about easy set ups of 3D printers, bioreactors, xy - making a personal DIY-lab for people
More ideas??
Joël says anything to do with food etc is popular. Maybe we can get Fred to do molecular cuisine?? (maybe for our 3rd bday party too?)
We could have donations that give membership (240chf for one year), says Luc P! ;)
put your idea here!!

On manque des idées de Beerdecoded, de BioDesign for the Real World, et de Hybridoa.

Teaser Video, Launch Video, Campaign 'spice' Video(s)

Who can help?
The film studios on the second floor may be able to help us. We need to talk to Leila in the renovated side, and to nice people in the HEC 'multimedia lab'.
Vanessa may be perfect as art director. Who else?
project specific
space specific
central theme important!

Fête Hackuarium 3éme anniversaire & New Space

Teaser of the crowdfunding!
le 30 août!
A party!
Une fête!
Invitons nos membres, amies Hackuarium, voisines et voisins du bâtiment Ateliers de Renens et public à fêter nos 3 ans et construire ensemble

Rachel will ask Christophe about the best space for this...
Joël suggests contest of birthday cakes!
on va tout 'live stream' à Luc P en Colombie...

Fête Hackuarium to announce the Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign

mercredi le 13 sept...

and all should be up and running in WeMakeIt ...

Events to be announced well in advance!