20171101 Board Meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, November 11th, 18.30-20.30pm
Place: UniverCité, 2rd floor meeting room (co-working space)

Everyone was invited to this Board Meeting, as these are such exciting times!


  • Vanessa et Rachel


Rachel, Vanessa, Dan Hernandez, Olivier Emery, Luc Henry, Yann Pierson, Gustavo Santa Maria, Gianpaolo Rando, Masoud, and Luc Patiny


  • Yann Heurtaux
  • Anne-Laure Pittet


Hello Board

(Rachel&Vanessa, 1 min)

Point 0: Public minutes

(Luc, 5 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)

  • NO

General comment from the Secretary:

  • Please only plan to discuss topics that need discussion.
  • Information points can be read by members of the committee (in which case, just write "for information" with no dedicated time)
  • Decision should be explicitly named "vote" with a clear Yes/No question
  • Discussion should be explicitly named with a clear open question

Who can keep the time?

  • Gustavo

Point 1: Crowdfunding

(all, 30 minutes)


(Rachel, 5 min)

  • 29 donateurs ont déjà promis 9091 CHF.
  • Il reste 25 jours de campagne.
  • Seulement 3 workshops sont pris (1x spectrophotometre, 1x DNA damage, 1x DIY microscope)
    • est-ce que les coûtes des workshops sont trop élevés?? -> difficile à dire
    • quoi faire, si oui?? 'deux pour un'?? - déjà pour spectrophot workshop, et dans le video pour DNA Damage workshop... -> OK each project can "sell" each workshop for 2 people

e.g. un Monsieur a écrit pour voir si il peut arriver avec sa copine pour le workshop abeilles... (OK is d'accord, doit RA à envoyer un mot? - draft déjà)

  • Further project videos and subtitles! (merci, LucP!)! -> Rachel takes care of it.
  • Ecrire directement vers vos entourages! Partagez l'infos sur le media sociaux!! -> OK

Distribution of perks and income

(All, 15 min)

How will sending off of perks be organised?

  • each project responsible for their own perks, except Hackuarium perks.
  • we can organise a "perks" night to take care of it in January (after printing t-shirts and tote bags).

T-shirt sizes/colors?

  • suporters will provide emails. We need to write and collect their size.

Chocolate ordering to include...

  • we should anticipate this.. make sure we can order the right number and not wait too long. Rachel, can you ask for delivery time?

For funds distribution, Luc Patiny suggests this:

Je pense qu'il faut tout de même récompenser les personnes qui s'investissent le plus. Je propose que 50% du bénéfice de l'activité aille au projet qui organise l'activité et 50% aille à une caisse commune. Exemple, Olivier fait un workshop qu'il propose à 100 CHF et qui lui coute 20 CHF. Il aura droit à 40 CHF à investir dans son projet et 40 CHF iront à Hackuarium pour des mini grants.

RA voudrait qu'un accord soit fait au cas où l'on dépasse largement le but de 10k! Des projets visent 10k et reçoivent 300k!

  • very unlikely..

si cela arrive, on doit avoir une plan... propositions?

  • Le plan est de prévoir d'organiser un meeting avec toute la communauté de membres pour décider -> OK at the General Assembly

YP: Agreed with Luc. IMO if $ > 10k: [Minigrant ++ & easier; Infrastructure ++]

LH fait la proposition suivante:

  • Chaque montant levé par un projet particulier va à ce projet (jusqu'au montant du booster)
  • Les workshops proposés sont maintenus et payés avec le booster.
  • Budget évènement à décider.
  • Le reste est distribué sous forme de mini-grants (selon règles habituelles).

-> Decision at the next board meeting. -> Luc makes a proposition

Point 2: OH Alienated Landscapes (biosensor/pollution discussions) 29 Nov

(Vanessa, 10 minutes)

Discussion about the process, vote, feedback on the proposal.


YP: Do you plan to do it ? It would be nice to plan an event.
LH: It would be useful to have a wiki page with all details + posters so we can advertise. Also, vote on minigrant for budget online in the coming days.
RA: I thought we ok'd the second budget already? People are looking forward to this event already...

  • Minigrants accepted (500 CHF) on Slack

Point 3: Fondue party 2 Dec

(Vanessa, 5min)

Yann H is excused, so Vanessa takes the lead to discuss this tonight. (Shalf said at the last meeting that he can organise a fondue party while asleep, so we still also count on him.)

-> We stick to Fondue, Yann H coordinates food + caquelons -> Yann H sends out invitation -> food à 20h -> overture des portes et hacking dès 18h A noter: FixMe à son'Virtual Reality Hackathon' prévu pour tout le WE!

  • Rachel coordonne avec Richard

Dessert by Fred?

  • Rachel demande à Fred

LH: Il faut simplement que quelqu'un prenne sérieusement la responsabilité des différentes parties de la soirée

  • Vanessa thinks about extra stuff

Point 4: Equipment from Atheris (fait faillite)

(Rachel, 5min)

Marc alerted RA about possible equipment for us...
Atheris went bankrupt and there is a bunch of stuff being offered for sale.
We can go look at it in Geneva (to make rdv) after 6nov.
Who wants to go?

  • No one needs to go if we do not need any of the instruments. We need to vote on a list that we need.

What can we offer?

  • What can they offer?

SwissDeCode might also be interested in some of this?

  • Is Gianpaolo aware of the list? We should coordinate only if Hackuarium is buying anything.

Or people on the pro side...

  • Is Benoit aware of the list? We should coordinate only if Hackuarium is buying anything. Maybe he wants to equip the pro lab? Not our role...

YP: Sorry for my lack of knowledge but are there ppl in the pro side?
I looked at it and IMO only some of the med sizes centri would be usefull if they can incorporate 14 and 50 ml tubes & possibly the standard Mettler scales for larger weights.
RA: there was someone doing things in the pro side last week... will ask Juliette the current status and plans.
I agree that the medium size centri could be good, and the -80 freezer (that needs special gas still too) is of great interest. As it would also be useful for pro side users, perhaps we can coordinate also with Inartis...

LH: We are not discussing this in this meeting.. I am ready to vote online within 24hours on a decent proposition by Gustavo, Yann P or Rachel. It is your role to spread the word to the members, collect needs, and decide for the association if we really need anything, and justify why we should buy it.
As it is, I don't see any need on our side.
To stock P1 strains, is one important use for the -80, adds RA...

Point 5: Update on P1 lab

(Rachel, 5 min)

Today, 1 november, is the first day of official activities!

Olivier Emery has agreed to be deputy biosafety officer!

The HTGAA course is already in progress and RA got last enzyme (BbsI) needed for first 'synthetic construction' from the Gruber lab at UNIL, and a couple of other bacterial strains (including a bioluminescent one - we will see tomorrow how it grew!) from the Van der Meer lab.

Point 6: Interactions with Swiss Engineers

(Rachel, 10 min)

Grégoire Laufer from the Swiss Engineer group, Orif, would like to make another visit next spring!
He says how about 3 presentations of Hackuarium projects that might interest the engineers (not too heavy.)
He is most keen to hear about the Octanis nest boxes.
Other options are spectrophotometer, spectropointer, cheek cell chip challenges, etc.
The general program would be 15min talks and ending with an apero at la Nebuleuse.

btw, he also says he hopes to come 29nov!!

LH: Ok, great. If the board agrees that this event is interesting for the association, we only need someone to coordinate.


  • Who is in favour of this event? If someone is ready to organise it..

YES Decision:

  • Who takes responsibility to get this organised? -> Rachel
    • coordinate with M. Laufer
    • get people to book the date and make a presentation

Point 7: Possible OH topic 'Lyme disease and hopes for Phage Therapy'

(Rachel, 5min)

Looking into all this now, also possible that Benoît will have contributions to make.

  • what contributions?

Could invite phage therapy guy from UNIL, Grégory Resch & someone who works on Lyme disease.

  • more detail project needed

other ideas?

LH: we already have had an event on phage therapy two years ago.. A session on Lyme disease would be interesting though if there is some citizen aspects to it..


  • Who is in favour of this event? If someone is ready to organise it..

Decision: YES

  • Who takes responsibility to get this organised?

Rachel + Luc

Point 8: Exonération d'impôt - vérification des comptes

(Luc, 5 min)

Comme Yann Heurtaux est excusé, ce point sera abordé lors du prochain board meeting.

Pour information, sa proposition était la suivante:

  • declaration (Cf. Statuts Association Hackuarium art. 2, Goal ) : Yann H is asking for a mandate from the Board to take care of it (ask the administration formally, coordinate filing the files, getting it done) c.f. Luc as Interim Treasurer
    • consequences for ease of access to P1 stuff (c.f. Rachel), free stuff (e.g. free premium Slack for NGOs)
    • check crowdfunding specifics, cf. Bénévolat Vaud
  • asking as Vérificateur aux comptes (cf. Luc as Interim Treasurer, cf. Anne-Laure as same) for a mandate to contact an accountant to help us validate accounts this year (YH has a contact, et on doit demander encore deux autres - RA peut proposer une, qui à fait les verifications pour l'association DEL Basket et AGiR!)

Point 9: Helping crowdsource a biolab for Thomas in Cameroon

(Rachel, 5 minutes)

Winnie P is collecting equipment and donations for shipping to help Thomas make a public lab in Cameroon.
Can we provide some extra things?

  • vote: most were not too excited...

Who will gather more precise info and submit a plan/budget to the board?

  • RA

More here:
they are looking into making a GoFundMe page also...
Some discussion: apparently some really don't want to send plastic consumables there, *and* there are laws against shipping broken things to africa! since much of our extra things are in need of some sort of hack, we would need to make sure anything we sent is really in good working condition... most are more in favor of sharing savoir faire than things...

Point 10: Helping making open source insulin

(Rachel, 5 min)

Something else from WinnieP and the OpenVillage Festival.

Are people interested in collaborating on this as another Hackuarium project?
esp for people interested in the P1 and also purification of products

Only limited interest was expressed, but Luc mentioned that the EPFL iGem team might get interested in this, and RA will continue finding out more.

Other Items

(Rachel, 5 min)

  • Open Science event at Biophore on Saturday 4nov from 9-16:30 . - octanis beerdecoded etc speaking! Here is the schedule!
  • Presentation for Octanis at EPFL by RA on 7nov

Open-Sourcing DNA Damage Detection for Citizen Science

  • Maker week 'portes ouvertes' for Made@ last Sunday (did anyone make it? - apparently not)