20180208 Board Meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 8th, 19.00-20.00pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room (MC)

Everyone is again invited to this Board Meeting, as these are such exciting times!


  • Vanessa et Rachel


  • Dan (et Alicia)
  • Anne-Laure
  • Luc
  • Vanessa
  • Rachel


  • Gustavo Santa Maria
  • Sam

Hello Board

(Rachel, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Luc, 5 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)
Objections? none

Who can keep the time?

  • Luc


Point 1: Horizon 2020 application about nature-based solutions

(Rachel, 10min)

Johannes Kisser - jk(at)alchemia-nova.net, alchemia-nova GmbH - contacted Vanessa regarding an Horizon 2020 research application on the topic "Strengthening international cooperation on sustainable urbanisation: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems". The application is led by the University of Lleida, Industrial Engineering.

Their suggestion is that Hackuarium could contribute the citizen science aspect.

QUESTION: Are we generally interested to join this consortium? This is really something for potential 2019 funding - but we need committed people to fulfill workpackage deliverables...
who is on for this?? (some things can be done in many ways - but we need extra financial capacities, most likely... UNIL might help??)
Potential for Citizen Science with Vanessa (biopigments and/or environmental sampling), Rachel (DNA damage and/or environmental sampling), even Dan's mother, Alicia (microbial side? other?).
Other possibilities?
. aquaponia group, Céline's potager group, Eric and his mushrooms

- Rachel has registered Hackuarium in the EU system, so we now have an identification number from the European Participant Portal for any Horizon 2020 application. The Hackuarium PIC number is 907732306 .
We can also keep an eye out for calls that particularly interest us in the EU portal...
(Rachel and genomic integrity!? Gustavo and light from space!? Vanessa and biopigments and more!? BioMusic sharing!?
Who else? Sachiko??)

Point 2: Preparation of the General Assembly, March 7

(Luc, 10 min)

  • Verify all legal duties for the agenda are planned for
  • Finances
  • State of the Association (Vanessa and Rachel)

- How we feel about this year together
- About what has been done together or not last year
- Visions for this year; who plans to leave/candidate again/new candidates, for doing what?)

  • Logistics prep for the assembly itself

- room Tournesol booked (Rachel)
- Food and drinks (Vanessa)
- members list (Luc)
- sending official invitation before Feb. 9 midnight (Luc)
- send light reminders one week before and one day before (Luc)

  • besides both Yann's quitting positions, Vanessa also says she can't make time for co-pres in the upcoming year.
  • Luc, Anne-Laure, Rachel and Dan all say they want to stay involved.

Point 3: Crowdfunding wrap-up

most perks are off link to overview.
There are mainly member questions still (Luc H update)
LucP and Rachel have dates for their donor workshops and plans for the extra (to be advertised more!) workshops.
For Luc's Spectrophotometer workshop: 10 March
For Rachel's Open-Sourcing DNA Damage Detection workshop: 17 March for the donors and 21 April for the planned extra workshop, open to all.
(want cheek cell protocol also to French, who can help double check it?)
For Dan's microfluidic's - 4 April
For BeeMoS - need good weather!

Does anyone know Laurent Waselle? - It's Anne-Laure's friends. All good

Any chance we might include a donations page in the wiki (does one exist already?)
Rachel will ask Sam

Possible text for this donation page:
The strength of DIT Research is the diversity of participants!
We welcome enthusiastic amateurs and professionals, regardless of background.
Chemists, artists, engineers, biologists, and programmers have all engaged with Hackuarium to carry out innovative bioscience projects.
Our lab is funded through members’ fees and the generosity of our supporters. If you would like to become a member, or to make a regular donation to help with the cost of running our P1 biolab in dire need, please do, directly into our account IBAN CH...

As an association - do we have tax free rights here? We could request for official not-for-profit. Anne-Laure regarde.
Remember problem of swiss banks rejecting something donated to only number (need proper recipient info -1020 Renens even)

Point 4: Helping La Myne (Lyon) to help us

(Yann, 10min)

Yann was in Lyon, Jan 27, to attend first part of the community effort in La Myne to plan for their own upcoming GA and EGA in February and March.
The whole effort is called #MyneMix (full description of goals in French). What happened during this first WE is documented in French here.
La Myne warmly invites any member of the Hackuarium community to join them Sat. Feb 24 & Sun. Feb 25 at their place in Lyon for a time of deep conversation, sharing, and addressing (shared?) community challenges. They can help cover for travel expenses and have a plan for accommodations if needed, and a have a plan for shared, free-participation, meals. (more in French in the dedicated pad).
Both our communities have been "cousins" since the early beginning (started around the same time 4 years ago), friendships have been forged between some founding members on both sides. The core contributors at La Myne and Yann strongly believe this is a timely, unique and highly-valuable opportunity to work together on similar challenges we face and learn from each other faster, between true peers in spirit and experience.

What is needed: check why and who would like to/could join Yann there Feb 24-25, and quickly plan for logistics (booking travel etc.) after the Board Meeting.

  • RA is not here that weekend, Luc says he will see if it might work for him.

Point 5: Wikipedia Hackathon

The idea to put things in Wikipedia is building steam.

We have been talking with Octanis about doing something together - Tuesday at EPFL (Octanis) and Weds at Hackuarium.

This will also help build a relationship (and maybe get more people to come to us again?) ;)

One possibility is to have a first go 13-14 march (maybe with Luc’s contact at Swiss WikiMedia or at least using their tools)

& then the main event 17-18april

We have a book about contributing to Wikipedia in French (from visit to La Paillasse)

Hope to have more info soon

Point 6: interim communication person

(Rachel, 1min)

Joel might be willing. Rachel talks to him before the GA and asks him if he wants to join the board as the new communication officer.

Point 7: events

Phagetherapy evening planned for 28march. Grégory Resch still needs to give title and an image for event announcement.

What is plan for #OH200 (2may)? Who is lead?
Room booked for a Screening of a movie.
Plan for a 'sondage' to choose best...
(Christian Frei's Genesis2.0 for some day ? Hackers? or Gataca?)

The Swiss Engineers plan to visit 16 May, and are especially keen to experience moss music (and other Living instruments?)!
Vanessa has committed to the Moss Music and Rachel is organising.
(the engineers also want to do an apero at Nebuleuse - RA will write to confirm they want later than 20h also...).

Point 8: ECSA

(Vanessa, 2 min)
On Sunday June 3rd 2018, the European Citizen Science Association will have a pre-confercene day in Geneva for the greater public. It will organise a "marketplace” at the salle Communale de Plainpalais for whoever wants to show different ways in which the public can get engaged in science. BS suggested to the ECSA organizing committee (Science & Cité) that they invite you (Hackuarium, Hackteria, Utopiana, Onl’Fait) to participate in this event. I think it would be great if the public had a chance to know more about your fabulous activities! I convinced the ECSA organizing committee to offer you up to three passes for the entire ECSA2018 conferences (including food!) and a fixed contribution of CHF 500.- for your expenses. The Bioscope is contributing by organising a Bioblitz along the Rhône. SUPER INTERESTING DISCUSSION HERE

Point 9: Minigrants

Rachel would like to order equipment esp for microscopy and the project 'moss menageries'

Items / Costs:

  • cavity well microscope slides from VWR (10118-600) (est. 50usd for a pack of 72).
  • a used microscope camera (MU500) should less than 150usd and can also fit on the microscope Eric has brought to the lab.
  • solution to slow down flagella (methylcellulose) (est 10usd)
  • glass capillary tubes and tubing for careful transfer (to find from lab friends?)
  • ? maybe a new water bear culture or other things from Sciento? V?

about 250chf total

yes, Ok, for Luc, Vanessa, Dan (&Gustavo sent note)

Future Plans

Science movie nights with discussions
Sortie cinema? par exemple