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Darty Monkeys DIYbio art design
Artists and designers pushing forward scientific research into the unknown. Open artistic projects in bio art, speculative design and bio design and searches to build bridges between scientists and artists as well as collaborations within and outside Hackuarium. Seeks to encourage artists, scientific, engineers and/or creators to maintain a dialogue with the public about bio-technological advances, artificial systems and possible futures through discussions, events and ongoing practical projects.


Darty Monkeys is a series of conferences and virtual hangouts within Hackuarium to place discussions and keep informed about ongoing residencies. Is an Initiative to develop projects at the boundary between science, art and design outside of dogma to create unorthodox prototypes inscribing the alienation of the rhythms of everyday life. International artists/creators will be invited to take part in the hackerspace - laboratory during a residency. Our first visitors: (see *kick off 25.08.2015)

This initiative provides a time and space for increasing the odds of achieving desirable futures and issuing the perpetuation of hierarchic dualism related to eugenics, sex and ethnic origin. It initiates conversations and promotes projects about ethical, ecological, socio-politico-economic and cultural issues and discusses the impact that the latest developments have on have on society: GMO, source cells, post-human, cognitive sciences, etc.

Artists have a very important role, to advance research into unknown areas. They put under the microscope practices such as human tissue culture, genetic manipulation, image processing, machine learning, ownership of material life, the human body. They also provide a bridge between the public and the research laboratories shedding light on the silent revolution of the biotechnology.

Its first project since its creation is Living Instruments, a collaboration between Hackuarium and WE Spoke to create different living instruments in order to make a live performance. The musician will make his first residence in September 19 - 23. Performance in Early 2016 in "le Bourg" Lausanne. Workshop & Perfo LIFT Conference Feb 2016. (Luc Henry, Serge Vuille and Vanessa Lorenzo).

  • To debate about bio-technological advances, artificial systems and possible futures.
  • To provides a time and space for creators.
  • To place this project in the context of the current state of DIY, science and art.

This initiative has the following objectives:

  • To build artistic and critical minded community
  • To engage artists in scientific research and viceversa
  • To create a piece of art or a prototype

Who is involved?

  • You?
  • Vanessa Lorenzo (initiator)
  • Sachiko Hiroshue (collaborator)
  • Luc Henry (collaborator)
  • Jonathan Sobel (collaborator)

with participation from the hackteria network


A monthly date with Darty Monkeys will be provided to debate and imagine new approaches to art and science in the near futures.
International artists will be invited to take part in the hackerspace during a residency.
A global event 2016. More info soon!

What's Next

06.07.2016 Openhackuarium #105: Presentation of Pangoss Labs, the future Makeshop Geneva and the mysteries of "Under the skin of a toxic-red lagoon 06.04.2016 Openhackuarium #92: Biophilia Night
10.02.2016 & 12.01.2016Check Living Instruments
09.01.16 Virtual Hangouts
July 2015 Living Instruments KickOff
KickOff: 23.09.15 at link #OpenHackuarium #64 Special Darty monkeys


Kick off Th 25.08.15

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