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The main purpose of this tool is to sterilize material. It is based on steam temperature and pressure increase in order to kill all bacterial agents. More details:

Our model

This model has no direct connection to water and therefore the water has to be added by the user.


Autoclave outside
A) Emergency steam evacuation
B) Manometer (shows pressure)
C) Steam outlet valve
D) Time Setup (Don't touch that)
E) Lid closing wheel
F) Steam exhaust pipe
G) Temperature Setup (Don't touch that)
H) "Bertrieb" = Start button
I) "Ende" = Stop button
J) Whoops nothing...
K) Water evacuation pipe
Autoclave inside

Bottom plate with the grid (inside the autoclave). They whould not be removed except for cleaning

How to use it

1) Check that it is plugged (behind it) 2) Fill the inside of the device with water until the plate is covered and make sure the water evacuation pipe goes in a bucket. WARNING: Just cover the plate do not add more than a small layer on top of it. Why: The pressure will build up and the steam will be evacuated with a powerful blast from the top. (Not dangerous but scary) 3) Place your material in the grid and close the autoclave using the black weel. 4) Make sure the valve is closed. WARNING: The valve opens and closes easily no need to force it. If it is closed the golden tip will only get out ~0.5cm. If it is open up to ~2cm 5) Turn it on by pressing the "Betrieb" green button. It should take approximately 20 to 30 min to reach 120°C Once the temperature is at 120°C let it sit for 20min 6) Press again the "Betrieb (or "Ende") button to turn it of and wait that the temperature decreases to 80°C. Open the autoclave (WARNING: possible steam cloud, don't put your head just over it...) and remove your material.


  • If you are on over-pressure and the steam starts banging out, don't freak out! Wait a second until it passes and then go and open the valve a bit. Make sure the tube (transparent one from the left side) is outside by the window to allow the steam to evacuate. If it bangs out again just open the valve a bit more.
  • Make sure you don't put your head on top of it...

  • If you cannot open or close the valve ask around. The lab-manager knows the valve (long love story)
  • During operation the lid might be very hot. Be cautious, don't touch it!