LIFTBasel15 BeerDeCoded workshop

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This is a draft

and started interacting with people

put a DNA laboratory inside a cargo-bike, and joined a conference in Basel...

and started to interact with people

invited the most interested ones to a 90 min workshop, held the day later in an open kitchen in Basel Markthalle.

Eleven invitees showed up!

And we had fun for a good hour playing with DNA and discussing issues related to genetic testing


15 minutes GR Intro DNA beerdecoded

10 minutes GRHands on DNA analysis with bento

15 minutes JS data analysis slides

10 minutes VL interactive tree with twitter

10 minutes brainstorming: glimpses into the future

  • Propose a business model canvas for BeerDeCoded, with the limitation that all data and protocols produced are open (cannot be sold).
  • Imagine the identity of a space that promotes projects like beerdecoded. How is operated? What is it's business model?
  • Tomorrow an Hackuarium fellow invents a magic paper strip that analyses DNA in one second. What applications can be envisaged?
  • Tomorrow an Hackuarium fellow makes a smartphone app that records with the sensors of the phone (GPS, accelerometer,...) every time a person drinks a beer. What are the constraint and the risks associated with big data/ IoT usage in citizen science?

5 minutes wrap up

15 minutes minutes ask us anything.