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Open Hackuarium is the name we use to refer to our open nights.

The simple concept

Anybody can come, as long as you are cool and curious. Special points if you bring some cold beers to share. We love beer.
Every Wednesday, 7pm, @ 20 Route de Crochy, 1024 Ecublens

  • We open doors at 7pm
  • Talks/conversations start at 7.30pm
  • The talking ends at 8.30pm max; most of us definitely need to make something involving a pipette or a keyboard after that.
  • We usually hack stuff afterwards until 10-11pm or later; you are more than welcome to stay and participate until the last member leaves.

Use the hashtag

You can find us on:

If you tweet or post pictures on any social network about all the awesome stuff happening during those nights, tagging #OpenHackuarium is a cool way to invite us into the online conversation and to allow us laugh with you about our silly faces or intriguing projects.


Soon here: a copy/paste-ready template for anytime we want to create a wiki page for an OpenHackuarium worthy of it.
(work in progress, we need to activate the Subpage Feature, stay tuned).

#OpenHackuarium numéro x

  • Langue principale cette semaine : Français
  • Thème : "Thème"

Date : Mercredi y. Ouverture des portes 19h, début des présentations 19h30

Personnes qui ont prévu de nous présenter quelque chose

  • toi ?


  • Do not forget to upload slides before/after the event if appropriate.

Infos pratiques (plan d'accès etc)

cf. #OpenHackuarium

Liens externes & Références

  • Add link to anything relevant (speaker's bio, website)

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