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You want to help us spread the love for tech, science, art and design, and organise an event? Go for it!
à faire en bilingue toujours!

Here is a "Wiki express" so that everyone has the basics:

  • Send an email to — to make sure there is no conflict with another event
  • Someone on the board will check that the space is free
  • Build a wiki page for the event (see template below)
  • Our 'communications coordinator' will get in touch to ask for content and will make sure the announcements are made on all the social media outlets for Hackuarium!
  • In case you need a microgrant to cover the costs (up to 300.-), send an email to with a description (what, when, who) and a preliminary budget.
  • When all this is arrange, talk to the community, to spread the word —> use slack and facebook at least!
  • Is it a WORKSHOP? All the previous & make sure you get your logistics right! (and use the tag at the bottom of the page)
  • Is there a SIMILAR workshop ALREADY planned? If yes, negotiate dates and: Do you target the SAME people? If yes, negotiate. If not, no problem. It maybe interesting to see what others do.
  • Extra Care for the Pandemic and Virtual events: Do not just publish an unprotected jitsi or zoom link directly in twitter etc. Make sure that you at least have password control, if so. Ideally, have people make contact to request the link, so we know they won't prank us during someone's presentation.

Template for an Hackuarium event

First, create a line for your event on the main page under the [Main_Page#Events | Event section] using the following line:

 :<li>'''201X.XX.XX''' Wednesday 19:00-22:00: [[201XXXXX_TITLE | TITLE]] - SHORT DESCRIPTION

Make sure the date, time and title are provided. Save the main page.
The event will appear with a link. By clicking on this link you will create the event page.
The following must be added to the event page (replace XXX by appropriate values):


 Open Hackuarium #XX - TITLE<br>
 Organisé par XXX<br>

 '''ENGLISH BELOW''' <br>

 * Langue principale cette semaine: '''Anglais'''<br>
 * Thème : '''TITLE'''
 * Date : '''Mercredi XX.XX.2018, 19h''', présentation et discussion à 19:30 et jusqu'à 21h
 * Lieu :  20 Route de Crochy, 1024 Ecublens

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -<br>

 * Main language this week: '''English'''<br>
 * Theme: '''TITLE'''
 * Date: '''Wednesday XX.XX.2018, 19:00''', presentation and discussion start at 19:30
 * Location: 20 Route de Crochy, 1024 Ecublens

Main Text

Add a text description providing more details about the event.

You include pictures in the same way as in any other page using the following code:


Add the following tags at the bottom of the page:


And eventually: