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This is a page dedicated to the planning of the Hackuarium crowdfunding campaign that happened during Fall 2017.

It was a Successful Campaign! 240% of our goal was obtained!!

Here is the list of the 54 people who donated during the month-long campaign!
Thank you so much from us all!!
All Donors for the WeMakeIt campaign

Gotthard Weiss
Laurent Besson
Gianpaolo Rando
Sylvain Piguet
Jonathan Sobel
Jan Krieg
Nathalie Yéghen
Edoardo Charbon
Till Wegmueller
Sylvain Gardel
Oleg Lavrovsky
Barry Aronoff
Tobias Merz
Marc Dusseiller
Anick Courtois
Marco Eschenmoser
Annick Vidonne
Pia Viviani
Tony Laenzlinger
Benjamin Missbach
Raphaëlle Mueller
Luc Henry
Clément Bordier
Andrea Szollossi
Théodore Besson
Antoine Girardin
Léonard Zumstein
Dominique Christin
Laurent Waselle
Anne-Laure Pittet
Hugues Abriel
Christophe Sczygiel
Clément Hongler
Huguette Wist
Laurie TARGA
Lynn Denton
Timothee Maret
Mirko Bischofberger
Aubort Aubort
Thomas Landrain
Francis Mingard
Yann Heurtaux
Ethan Aronoff
Cristina Cristina
Gabriela Sanchez
Sam Sulaimanov
Roger Erismann
Sébastien Mischler
Vanessa Lorenzo
Aurélien Borst
Luc Patiny

Of special note:
The Hackuarium Board voted Ethan and Barbara Aronoff as honorary members during the board meeting held on 6dec17!
Here is Vanessa's special thank you 'post-card'! Merci HCKRM.png

Don't forget: All workshop participants can bring a friend to Do-It-Together!!

Below follows old organisational details for the campaign...

Several meetings happened to discuss the information below.


  • 2017.07.06 Thursday 19:00-21:00: Brainstorm the crowdfunding campaign
  • 2017.07.26 Wednesday 19:00-21:00: Planning the crowdfunding campaign vol.1
  • 2017.08.16 Wednesday 19:00-21:00: Planning the crowdfunding campaign vol.2
  • 2017.08.23 Wednesday 19:00-21:00: Planning the crowdfunding campaign vol.3
  • postponed until after next board meeting Wednesday 19:00-21:00: Planning the crowdfunding campaign vol.4
  • 2017.09.13 Wednesday 19:00-21:00: Planning the crowdfunding campaign vol.4
  • 2017.09.27 Wednesday 18:30-21:00: Planning the crowdfunding campaign vol.5
  • 2017.10.11 Wednesday 18:30-21:00: Planning the crowdfunding campaign vol.6
  • Big Launch! 2017.10.25!! The campaign became 'live' at 8pm!


    • List of people (to be confirmed! can also add *your* name if interested in joining!):

    Campaign working group (WG): Anne-Laure, Rachel, Vanessa, Ana, Adrian
    Communication (COM): Joel, Rachel, Gianpaolo, Vanessa, Luc, Adrian
    Perks (RWD): Olivier coordinates, contacts people and ask for something concrete (workshop, object with timing and budget)


    Monday 10th: Luc Contact all members for support with:

    - communication (to Luc, with montant + estimation nombre d'amis, classés par catégories)
    - perks, workshops, other rewards (to Olivier, with costs and price) to be delivered from January 2018.
    - video, pictures, stories, content by project (300 words)

    Give link to spreadsheet for rewards (with examples: t-shirts, workshop foldscope).

    Message: write back before 17 July (to Luc and Olivier)!

    Olivier upload Workshop detailed description on google doc (WG from RWD) and define the time people are ready to dedicate to campaign, and for what.

    15 July - 15 August - Collect, write and upload story (COM), perks (RWD), workshop short pitch (RWD), Budget (WG) on wiki.

    15 August - 30 August: Build campaign (WG) on website.

    15 September - 15 October: Run campaign (WG+COM).


    There are different ways to present the story:

    • 3 years anniversary -> history, and take us to the next level (what do we do?)
    • New lab -> more instruments needed (-80°C, ventilation, etc.)
    • Minigrants to support projects
    • portes ouvertes (event) pour devenir plus familier avec les Ateliers de Renens



    Perk/Reward decisions - object making (i.e. T-shirts, bottles of Haut-Lac trash, etc) and workshop planning
    Campaign Pitch 'story line' and filming - need one for start, and two-three more shorter ones for the course of the campaign
    Campaign Build - content into wemakeit
    - here is their project starting page, with FAQ
    Communication - throughout, but especially during the month of the campaign!